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Yoga Sessions

Sunset Yoga


 A practice focused in continuous yoga postures.

Also, called "flow yoga". Smooth movements that go from one to another in a seamless way, focusing on breathing. 

Start your path to positive changes today! 

Yoga classes

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Meet the instructor:

Gabriela Pena, by combining technical knowledge, intuition and patience. She brings her creative energy to her classes and focuses on using yoga as an inspiration to become the best version of yourself. Helping to create a peaceful mind, open heart and strong feeling of self acceptance. While at the same time working on your physical strength and flexibility.


+1 (346) 539 - 0069




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"My greatest mission is to direct people back to their original selves, where their great source of freedom and strength already exists. To utilize YOGA as an excavation tool, to go deep into your soul, of what is really inside of you"

Yoga Mats

Previous Yoga Classes

HATHA, the ancient eastern practice focusing on mind body awareness through our breath and how this can bring balance, tranquility and peace to our everyday lives.

YIN, affects our fascial architecture (connective tissue). It lengthens and brings suppleness to our muscles increasing flexibility, range of motion and alleviating muscle soreness and tightness.

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